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EnzymeX · to cut or not to cut

Enzyme Compendium

Restriction enzyme information for almost 700 commercially available enzymes

DNA editing in the 21st century

Finally a good looking, fully featured DNA sequence editor

Import Deluxe

Directly search and download sequences from the NCBI Entrez nucleotide database.

Double digests

Simply and reliably determine which buffer is most suitable for a double digestion

Molecular biology toolbox

Comes with numerous helpful tools and calculators, and includes handy reference data like codon tables and amino acid tables.

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Restriction Mapping, Motifs and more...

EnzymeX - to cut or not to cut

“Better than the reference section of the NEB catalogue in many respects.”

MacUpdate ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Apple Design Award: 2006

For Peaks, Four Peaks

Need to analyse your sequences? Check out 4Peaks, our award winning sequence trace file viewer.

Your lab notebook, reinvented

Check out the all new Findings app, from the makers of EnzymeX and Papers App.

EnzymeX for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and above · System requirements