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Pi Fest Press Kit

We hope this page provides all the information you need to write about Pi Fest. If you have more questions or need more artwork, please contact Charles Parnot by email at charles.parnot@gmail.com, or on twitter @cparnot.


What is Pi Fest? Developers from around the world have teamed up for a unique 2-week promotion called Pi Fest. The main target of this promotion are researchers, scientists and students, who need tools to help them gather, learn and produce knowledge as part of their work and study. The goal of Pi Fest is to help them discover high-quality software that can make their work easier and faster, while directly supporting the teams behind the apps. We present them a bunch of great apps at a reasonable, sustainable price. The users win, the developers win, and research and science win!

What kind of apps are participating? The apps cover the needs of the research, science and education markets. This includes learning and gathering knowledge (Studies, ReadCube), developing a research project (DEVONAgent Pro, Agenda), keeping track of your research and results (Findings), analyzing and graphing data (Data Graph, PocketCAS), as well as writing grants, reports and publications (TextExpander, Manuscripts). Of course, while the primary focus of Pi Fest is research and education, many of the apps listed are also terrific tools in other pro markets. You can find more details about each app after the FAQs.

What types of users is Pi Fest targeting? Pi Fest is targeting researchers, students and teachers, in all fields of research, in academia and in the industry, from theory to product development: scientists, historians, teachers, journalists, designers,... anyone who needs to gather knowledge and who is trying to understand the world, develop new ideas, or create new products.

How are researchers, scientists and student benefiting from Pi Fest? They will discover high-quality apps that will benefit their work directly. The current overabundance of software has made it hard to discover good apps. Having a curated list of software from a trusted source is really a great resource for pro users like them. As a bonus, these apps also happen to be at a reduced price during the event!

How are the developers benefiting from Pi Fest? The developers benefit by getting their app exposed to the users of all the other apps, thus expanding their reach to many new potential users, and increasing their sales and their user base. More generally, we think that Pi Fest, by exposing researchers and students to high-quality apps, will educate them on the value of software, and will remind them that they can get much more value out of these apps than what they paid for. This awareness is good for all developers!

Are some apps using subscriptions? Yes, some apps use a subscription model (TextExpander and ReadCube Pro). With a subscription model, users always get the latest version. The other apps are one-time purchases. They provide lifetime licenses of the current version, but future versions may require a separate purchase.

What are the platforms supported by the participating apps? All the apps can run on Mac and some have an iOS version available (Findings, Studies, TextExpander, ReadCube, PocketCAS). A couple are also available for Windows (TextExpander, ReadCube).

Who are the developers? Indies or big corporations? When we set up Pi Fest, we did not have any preconceived idea about the kind of businesses that should participate. Instead, the goal was that the participating developers should all have in common their interest in the research and education markets. As it turns out, all the participants are indie developers, with small or medium-size teams. All participants are coming together with a common goal of promoting high-quality software to their users, and growing the reach of every participating app.

Who are the organizers of the Pi Fest event? The Pi Fest event was started by the developers behind Findings, Manuscripts, Studies and Agenda. While each app is developed and commercialized independently of the others, the developers have known each other for years and have shared their technical expertise and marketing experience with one another. They also all have been scientists in their past life. With Pi Fest, they hope to expand this collaborative approach to other apps and developers, in a market that they know and love: research and education.

How are the organizers benefitting from the Pi Fest event? They get the same benefit as all the other participants, no more, no less. They don't collect commissions or fees. All software sales are done directly on each participant's store.


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