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Feb 22-29 DF Readers

Discover two great apps from the Nucleobytes family.

Your research is ready for a big upgrade.

  • Write complex documents with ease.
  • Use the outline view to navigate and re-order your project effortlessly.
  • Edit with structure: document outline, body and styles are kept cleanly separate.
  • Focus using the ultra-clean full-screen mode.
  • Import and export Markdown, MS Word, LaTeX and HTML files.
  • Cite and format your bibliography using included citation tool or the award-winning Papers app.
  • Learn more at manuscriptsapp.com
  • Keep a journal of your research and experiments.
  • Plan your week, keep track of your progress, run timers and add timestamps.
  • Attach result files, never lose data.
  • Collaborate, share, impress your colleagues.
  • Create up to 20 documents with the free basic version, and try unlimited for 30 days. Free unlimited iOS version.
  • Thousands of happy users in biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, engineering, social sciences, phsychology, CS, maths, business, etc.
  • Learn more at findingsapp.com




Manuscripts Unlimited

Available on Mac.




Findings pro

Available on Mac, iPhone, iPad.
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We write innovative Mac and iOS software for scientists and researchers, including our Apple Design Award-winning applications 4Peaks and EnzymeX. These apps were originally published under the Mekentosj flag, along with Papers, the reference manager that turns your messy heap of PDFs into a personal library of research. Papers and the Mekentosj name have since become part of Digital Science, but the other apps continue their life here under the Nucleobytes name. They are joined by Findings, Manuscripts, and Studies, three exciting new additions to the extended family.See all apps